Simple install

You can deploy Amon on your server in less then 30 seconds. Our Ansible integration make it easy to deploy Amon on 10 or 100 servers with a couple lines of code.

All metrics

In less then two minutes you will have a complete visibility over your server resources making debugging a much simpler task. Amon monitors all system and process metrics with 1 minute resolution and stores data for up to 3 months.


Want to see more specific metrics coming from your database like slow queries or how many requests per second your server can handle. Amon is just the tool for you, we have plugins for all the popular applications and we are constantly adding more. If you can't find a plugin for your app, we made it extremely easy to write your own.

Cloud integrations

If you are cloud dweller and have a mix of Amazon, Rackspace, Linode and DigitalOcean servers we will keep them all in sync with Amon. If you spin a new instance or stop another one, you don't have to manually add or remove them from Amon afterwards. Read more

Human friendly alerts

Have you ever received an alert like this: CPU was above threshold 80% , than you already know how unhelpful these are. Amon will go the extra mile for you and will check exactly what is going on with your server and then it will send you all the details so you can fix the problem quickly.

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